Grüter Synthetic-Ice

Ice skating in summertime? No problem with Grüter synthetic ice!
Our artificial ice is suitable for a wide range of application areas:
  • Public or private ice skating
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Mobile, stationary or multifunctional applications
Grüter synthetic ice is suitable for:
Sport fields / private home areas / playing fields / ice hockey clubs / events / indoor and outdoor sports facilities / entertainment parks / leisure halls / shopping centres / sports businesses / applications for theatres and stages / show business / fitness centre / hotels ... and much more!

The biggest advantages: Grüter synthetic ice...
  • Allows full-year, temperature-independent ice skating
  • Functions in an energy neutral manner and requires no cooling!
  • Requires minimum service
  • Consists of plastics which simulate the properties of "real" ice
  • Allows ice skating in the usual form with "normal" equipment (convention ice skating shoes!)
  • Promotes enthusiasm for motion
  • Enriches and enhances the existing ice sport offering
  • Perfectly suitable for applications in school and popular sports
  • Serves as a training tool for competitive athletes
  • Promotes ice sports and generates a new generation of participants
  • Can also be operated commercially
  • Is a modern advertising medium and offers many possibilities for the creative implementation of new marketing ideas
  • Opens up completely new perspectives for events
  • Is fun and promotes enthusiasm for leisure activities, sports and games

Further information in our Online Documentation or at our website at Downloads / Press. Just give us a call if you have additional questions or for a non-binding offer: 041 929 60 60. We look forward to informing you about our products.

Our product is produced by our partner companies Isokon and Quadrant AG. For further information: click here or here.